Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Assistance
The Oak Forest Emergency Management Agency (EMA) provides equipment and volunteer manpower during disasters and emergency situations. The organization was started as Oak Forest Civil Defense after the June 23, 1962, tornado hit the El Vista subdivision (area of 151st Street and Central Avenue).

The EMA is comprised of 18 volunteers. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located on west 157th Street, adjacent to the Public Works Department. Resources and equipment are available to assist other Oak Forest departments and neighboring communities when needed. EMA provides a complete mobile incident command center (image at bottom right), mobile high-intensity area lighting (image at top right), rescue equipment, radiological monitoring, severe weather spotters, emergency power at disaster scenes, and crowd and traffic control.

Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team

Oak Forest is a charter member of the Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team (SMART), which includes 28 active emergency management jurisdictions. SMART provides more than 200 volunteers and more than 140 vehicles and equipment as needed.

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