Animal Control

Animal Control Officer Melissa Drozd enforces city codes that pertain to wild and domestic animals.  She also investigates complaints of animal abuse within the city. Typical ordinance violations include:

  • Animals running at large
  • Nuisance barking
  • No city animal license
  • No rabies vaccination
  • Exceeding the number of animals allowed
  • Keeping of prohibited animals

The most common violations relate to nuisance barking. Surprisingly, while investigating these complaints, it is often learned that the owner of the dog was unaware of the disturbance. Should you find yourself being disturbed by a neighbor's animal, you may find that politely informing them of the disturbance resolves the situation.

When such a disturbance persists or you are not comfortable with contacting the owner personally, contact the animal control officer at 708-705-5690.

Did you know?

City ordinance requires all dogs and cats that are housed in Oak Forest to be licensed with the city.  You may download an animal license application form or contact the City Clerk's Office to receive a mailed form. You will need the rabies inoculation number (tag number) along with the date of vaccination. Please note that the city code restricts the maximum number of dogs and cats per household to three.

Living with Coyotes

Do not leave dogs and cats outdoors unsupervised! 

If a coyote appears to be losing its wariness, has approached too close for comfort, or has come into conflict with a pet or person, residents should call 911.  Do not attempt to deal with a problem coyote yourself. The hunting or trapping of a coyote requires experience and a license and permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings any time, especially if you suspect a wild animal may be present. If you see a coyote in the distance, try to avoid a direct encounter. Without running, move away, keeping an eye on the animal.  If the coyote continues to approach, yell, raise your arms above your head to look bigger and throw objects in the coyote’s direction. If ineffective, seek shelter in a safe place such as a car, house or yard with high fence.

For more information, visit the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.  

Skunks and Raccoons

Click here to read tips on how to prevent skunks and raccoons from making your home their home.  She also provides strategies for evicting skunks or raccoons who have already built their dens on your property. 

Feral Cats

The city is working with Triple R Pets in Western Springs, Illinois to provide a trap-neuter-return program to humanely control and gradually reduce the city's feral, or wild, cat population.  To learn more or to become a volunteer, contact Triple R Pets at 708-738-1438.

Private Wildlife Removal

Windy City Wildlife Service - 773-491-8420
Smithereen Pest Management - 708-239-2100
Groen’s Wildlife Removal - 219-678-2816
Accurate Pest and Animal Control - 773-278-1490
Steve's Wildlife Removal - 708-672-9362
All That's Wildlife, Inc. - 815-560-7421