Construction Notices

2021 Road Rehabilitation Program

On July 13, 2021, the Oak Forest City Council approved an award of contract to Iroquois Paving Corporation for the 2021 Road Program.  This work will begin the week of August 16th with concrete saw cuts and removal of concrete starting shortly after that.  The contractor will notify all the residents a day before any work will be done in your apron or curb with a notice on your door informing you of the work.  This year’s program will include the following twelve street segments to be resurfaced:


  1. Sayre Ave.: 155th Pl. to 156th Pl.
  2. Bramblewood Rd.: 155th Pl. to 156th Pl.
  3. Brianne Ln.: Victoria Dr. to Courtney Dr.
  4. Courtney Dr.: Pine Dr. to Brianne Ln.
  5. Rob Roy Dr.: 157th St. to Victoria Dr.
  6. Rob Roy Ct.: Rob Roy Dr. to End
  7. Rob Roy Dr.: 157th St. to 159th St.
  8. Brookwood Dr.: Arroyo Ct. to End
  9. Fairfax Rd.: Edward Dr. to Duncan Rd.
  10. Leclaire Ave.: 159th St. to 155th St.
  11. Roy St.: Richard Ave. to Henry St.
  12. Barton Ln.: Frontage Rd. to Barry Ln. 

Our rehabilitation work involves pavement resurfacing, areas of partial full-depth pavement removal and replacement, roadway base repairs; curb replacement, removal of asphalt ramps and mountable curbs across driveway entrances, partial driveway apron replacement to meet the grade of new curb lines, and sidewalk replacement.  When curb and gutter is removed in front of your driveway, you will not be allowed to park in your driveway for 7 to 10 days.  This time is needed to give the new concrete sufficient time to "cure" to support the weight of vehicular traffic.  Curb and driveway apron replacements will be limited to one side of the street at a time to allow for on-street parking while the new concrete is curing.  Also we ask that if you have sprinklers or an invisible fence to flag them.


The City is only removing and replacing the portion of a driveway apron necessary to meet the grades of the newly depressed curb line.  Per City Code, the “apron” of a private driveway is the responsibility of the property owner.  The City has requested that the asphalt and concrete sub-contractors be willing to take on private work to complete the entire apron at the resident’s request.  Iroquois Paving Corporation will not take on any private asphalt work. Concrete work is available – contact Davis Concrete, Chris Davis at (708) 388-1100 ext 102.  They will respond back to you within 24-48 hours of your phone call.  Concrete work behind the sidewalk requires a building permit – contact the Building Dept. at (708) 687-4050, x1041.



Any arrangements for private work must be made by the property owner

with the contractor and is at the sole expense of the property owner!



No Parking – Police Order” will be posted by the Contractor before work begins for that side of the street.  During work on the roadway pavement surfaces, no on-street parking will be allowed between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.   Please park on neighboring side streets or in your driveway.  The contractor will post “NO PARKING” signs and hand-deliver a notice to your home at least 24 hours before roadway pavement surface work begins on your block.  Working hours for the contractor are
7:00 A.M. - 7 P.M, Monday thru Saturday.



Streets with “Fire Lanes” will be maintained as Fire Lanes.  When necessary, the Fire Lane will be temporarily shifted to the other side of the street to accomplish the concrete curb repairs.  PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE POSTED FIRE LANE SIGNS – and park on the other side of the street!!!




With outdoor construction work, the schedule of the contractor is weather dependent and may change weekly or daily.  Residents living on the streets listed in this notice are advised to call Public Works at (708) 535-4090 if you have questions regarding the Road Rehabilitation Program.  The service request form is available, as well.