Curbside Recycling

Every resident generates waste and refuse that may be recycled. Recycling diverts items from the waste stream, saves landfill space, and often results in reuse or reformulation, which is cheaper and requires less energy to reproduce. The city's recycling program offers everyone a chance to make a difference. To join the efforts download the city's Guide to Proper Disposal and Recycling
All newspapers and inserts are accepted.

Glass Bottles & Jars
Clear and colored glass is accepted.  The labels can be left on, but lids should be removed.

Tin & Aluminum Cans
Tin and aluminum cans are accepted.  The labels can be left on.

Plastic Containers
Only plastic containers with #1 - #7 (except #6) on the bottom can be recycled at this time. Rinse container clean to avoid an odor problem. Labels can be left on.

Magazines, Catalogs, & Miscellaneous Paper Items
The following are acceptable items for recycling: magazines, phone books, cardboard, cereal/pasta boxes, and junk mail.