Building Guides

The Building Guides are a compilation of building, zoning, and operational requirements for a specific improvement project.
 The guides will detail permit procedures, zoning regulations, construction requirements, inspection requirements, and permit fees.  The guides will assist the resident or contractor through the permit procedure but are not meant to be comprehensive.  
Please note that some of the guides below have supporting documentation listed below each category.  Unless otherwise listed below, please use the routine Building Permit Application, which can be found by clicking the following link:  Building Permit Application
 Each guide below is in PDF format.  Within the PDF, there are some embedded links that will enable you to navigate to different applications/ web sites depending on the project.  
Basement Finish Guide
           Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening Supplement
Deck Guide
           AFPA Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Supplement
Demolition Guide
          Demolition Permit Application
 Detached Garage Guide

           Garage Wall Section Supplement
           Detached Garage Minimum Electrical Requirements
Driveway, Apron, and Sidewalk Guide
          Residential Driveway Supplement
          Concrete Curb & Gutter Supplement    
Fence Guide
Lawn Irrigation Guide
Masonry Mailbox Guide
         Mailbox Maintenance & Installation Supplement
Roofing Guide
Sewer Clean-Out Guide
Solar Panel Installation & Application Guide
Storage Shed Guide
Swimming Pool/ Hot Tub/ Spa Guide
          Swimming Pool/ Hot Tub/ Spa Permit Application
          Swimming Pool Electrical Supplement
          Hot Tub/ Spa Electrical Supplement
          Storable Pool Electrical Supplement