New Business

Are you looking at opening a new business or a developer seeking out potential sites?  The city of Oak Forest may just be what you are looking for.  We are situated at the I-57 & I-80 interchange within 30-40 minutes of downtown Chicago whether you are driving or taking the train.  Cicero Avenue and 159th Street/U.S Route 6 provide two major commercial districts that are both undergoing major redevelopment.  

Browse through the below information and check out the Development News page to see upcoming projects in Oak Forest.  The city is committed to change and will continue to partner with developers and businesses to make sure it happens.  

Before You Open 

This is some information that you will need to know to help get your business open in Oak Forest.  You should schedule a meeting with the Community Development Department staff before you move forward with any applications.  That way we can make sure the process will be streamlined as efficiently as possible and also provide an opportunity to meet a new business and welcome you to the city.  If you can't find the information that you are looking for, try the permit and form center and if all else fails, please contact the Community Development Department.
  • Available properties
  • Building permitting information
  • Business License
  • Zoning Map (find your district before Appendix A)
  • Is your use permitted in this district? Appendix A
  • Programs & Incentives
  • The Local Government
  • Zoning Ordinance & Design Guidelines
  • Taxes (Sales, Property, etc.)
  • Demographics

Development Opportunities

The city has quality development opportunities available whether it is commercial, industrial or residential.  Click here to see these potential opportunities and contact the Community Development Department with any questions you may have. 

Home Businesses

The City of Oak Forest does not license businesses operated out of a home.  For more information on opening a home business, check the State of Illinois Business Portal.