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City of Oak Forest
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Project Lifesaver

The City of Oak Forest has joined Project Lifesaver – a public safety service that uses technology to track and rescue adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer's, autism, and other related conditions or disorders. The program is spearheaded by police, fire and emergency management personnel, who have been trained and certified by Project Lifesaver International staff. 

Residents who enroll in the service wear a radio transmitter – about the size of a wrist watch – on their wrists or ankles. The transmitter constantly emits a radio frequency signal, which can be tracked regardless of where the person has wandered – even into a densely wooded area, a marsh, or a concrete or steel structure. When a loved one goes missing, the caregiver notifies the Police Department, which dispatches a trained emergency team to the wanderer's area. The average rescue time is approximately 30 minutes. 

For more infromation or to register for the program, please contact Officer Eric Wynn at 708-687-4050, ext. 1295 or