Flood Damage Survey

The city has collected and forwarded an Initial Damage Assessment to Cook County of 97 homes and three businesses that experienced flooding by storm / sewer water entering the building. Cook County has asked the city to continue collecting this vital information. If you had water enter your home or business last week from flooding, sewer backups, or sump pumps that failed / could not keep up with the incoming waters, please fill out and submit the Damage Assessment form to the city. 

Paper copies of the form are available for those without computer or Internet access from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at the
City Clerk's Office
City Hall
15440 S. Central Avenue

 or 24 hours a day at the

Oak Forest Police Station
15440 S. Central Avenue

Please complete the form and turn it right back in at the counter.
Spread the Word
The city is continuing to collect this information and providing it to Cook County emergency management officials for the ongoing damage assessment. This information will be used by the state of Illinois to qualify for federal aid, so resident participation is crucial. The public is encouraged to spread the word about this information request with their neighbors and friends to help ensure maximum participation.