Road Program

Current List of Roads

For complete listing of roads included in the current Road Rehabilitation Program, please visit the Construction Notices page. 

Selection to the Program

All streets within the community have been evaluated by the city engineer and the director of public works. The streets are ranked by the severity of repairs needed. The budgeted amount is then used to determine the number of streets the city can pave in any given year. There is no preference given to any particular ward.

Replacing Curbs

The city is working to eliminate the high barrier curbs that were installed in the past. As part of the road program, the high curbs are being replaced one block at a time. Low curbs which are structurally sound will not be replaced. 

Driveway Aprons

It is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the driveway apron. However, if the city replaces the curb and gutter of a street, it is usually necessary to remove a portion of the driveway apron. When this occurs, the city replaces only the portion which has been removed. On rare occasions, it is necessary to remove the entire apron due to serious deterioration.

Can I Pay to Have My Driveway Apron Replaced?

Because the city uses state motor fuel tax funds to pay for the road program, we cannot require contractors to offer this option to residents. However, some contractors are willing to offer this service to homeowners. Once a contractor is selected, we will inform affected homeowners if this option becomes available.