Sanitary Sewer Televising


The Public Works Department uses a ROVVER Portable Sewer Inspection Crawler to inspect sanitary and storm sewer lines up to 60" in diameter in a cost effective and timely manner.  The Crawler is a steerable wheeled camera unit capable of inspecting pipes from 6" up to 60" in diameter.   

Remotely controlled, the camera operator can drive the unit down the pipe, stop, then pan and tilt to inspect pipe joints, service taps, roots growing into the main, or an obstruction in the line. All inspections are recorded on DVD to document pipe and manhole conditions, evaluate and schedule repair work, or to print digital photos of problems found.  We give the photos to residents to show their plumbers the problem that we have found with service line connections.

Before cleaning of main: Inspection of the city sanitary sewer main – note tree roots growing into city main from residential service line on the right.

After cleaning of main: The residential service line is now clearly visible after cleaning with a "grenade" nozzle with a water pressure jet at 2100psi.