CIC-TV & OFC-TV Programming

CIC Programming

Quality Programming

The City of Oak Forest produces quality programming for residents via local cable operators:
  • Comcast - Channel 19
  • Wide Open West (WOW) - Channel 6
  • AT&T U-Verse - Channel 99
The CIC-TV and OFC-TV studio is located at City Hall.

CIC-TV - Community Information Channel  

Government access television is a resource of the city to address local municipal programming needs. The city uses this channel to cablecast City Council meetings, election programming, local emergency announcements, and other events and programs.

Watch CIC-TV programs, via Peg Central, a web media site that hosts and streams video on demand.

CIC-TV Program Guides


In the Cable Communications Act of 1984, congress established a provision to permit local authorities to develop requirements for public use of the local cable system. This provision enables communities to provide a voice for their residents and organizations.

To meet this objective, the city and local cable operators made the following channels available for the public to use on the cable system:
  • Comcast - Channel 4
  • Wide Open West (WOW) - Channel 17
  • AT&T U-Verse - Channel 99 
Any individual or organization from the community can produce a television program and air it on the local public access channel.