Phone Notification System

The City of Oak Forest uses Rapid Notify, a computerized system with access to the city's entire 911 database, to send high-speed emergency and non-emergency recorded messages to pre-determined geographic areas.  If the system calls your phone and receives a busy signal, it will make two additional attempts to contact you.  The system also will leave a message if you have an answering machine.

This technology enables the city to contact a large number of people in a very short period of time. It also helps the poilce and fire departments to increase their efficiency and enhance public safety when necessary.  

Incidents which could result in a communication alert include: 
  • Water system or utility emergency
  • Public safety alerts regarding criminal activity
  • Local AMBER Alert
  • Chemical or natural gas emergency
  • Other situations deemed to be a neighborhood or community emergency
  • Community event
  • Registration deadlines
  • Street closures 
The city encourages residents to register their cell phone numbers as well by completing the form below.
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