Health Inspections

The Health Inspector conducts routine inspections and complaint investigations of all food service establishments and retail food stores.  These inspections verify compliance with the Illinois Department of Public Health Food Service Sanitation Code and Retail Food Store Code,  as adopted by the City's Code of Ordinances.

The City currently performs inspections twice annually, but may require additional inspections as deemed necessary.  The current health inspection fee is $55 per inspection.  We inspect most businesses two times per year.  Inspection reports are available upon request.  Click the following link to view a sample inspection report: 
Sample Retail Food Sanitary Inspection Report

A Temporary Food Service Permit is required when food is served to the public at a temporary event.  Contact the Building Department at 708-444-4819 to request the proper form for Special Events and to schedule inspections.  
For more information on the food establishment inspection program, temporary food service permits, or inspection reports, please contact the Building Department at 708-444-4818.

Any food borne illness should be reported to the Cook County Department of Public Health Communicable Disease Control Unit at 708-633-8030 or visit the following link to file a complaint online:  Food Borne Illness Complaint Form