Forest In Bloom Awards

The Forest In Bloom Awards are presented annually by the City of Oak Forest Streetscape Commission to Oak Forest residents, businesses and organizations who take the extra steps necessary to beautify their homes and properties through exceptional landscaping. If you notice a home or business where pride of ownership really shines through, be sure to submit a nomination form.

About the Awards Process

All residents or business owners are eligible to nominate themselves or another home, business or organization. An address must be included on the application form. 

A nominee must earn 25 points to receive a Forest In Bloom Award. When awarding points, judges consider the visual appeal of the front yard landscaping; the maintenance of lawn, bushes, shrubs, and flower beds; and the use of accessories (gazing balls, fountains, statues, etc.). Back yards will not be considered as part of the award selection. 

The selection committee is comprised of seven judges—one for each ward. In order to remain impartial, judges do not live in the wards they are critiquing. Also, a new judging panel is chosen each year. A nomination form must be submitted on behalf of a home or property in order to be considered for an award.