Online Transaction Zone

online exchange signOak Forest residents can sell their goods online with a little more confidence in the Internet purchase exchange zone in the Oak Forest Police Department lobby and parking lot.  

“With more and more people buying and selling online, it made sense to create a place where residents feel safe selling their goods,” said Deputy Police Chief Dominic D’Ambrosio.   “It’s a quality-of-life service that requires little resources on our end.”

According to D’Ambrosio, online transactions can pose an added risk since a potential buyer, who may have malicious intentions, will be aware of a potential victim’s location and the goods he or she intends to sell.  

“Our lobby is open 24/7 so it is an ideal location to conduct what otherwise could be risky transactions with strangers,” D’Ambrosio said.  “For large items, such as cars or furniture, residents can use our parking lot.”   

Although residents are welcome to make the transactions in the lobby or parking lot, police department personnel will not oversee the transactions or meet with participants.  However, they will respond to a call for service if one arises.  

Residents interested in using the exchange zone should call the police non-emergency number at 708-687-1376 prior to a meeting so that police are aware that a transaction is taking place.