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Special Events Permit Application

  1. City of Oak Forest Masthead
  2. Please include set-up and tear-down dates and times.

  3. Please list performers/vendors and if there will be amplification equipment.

  4. If event will include outdoor entertainment, please include start and end times. 

  5. Please list dates and times when entertainment vendors will be setting up and tearing down equipment.

  6. Please list provider name and contact information.  A copy of insurance information is required.  

  7. Liquor will be provided by:

    Vendor liquor license and dram shop insurance must be provided before an event liquor license will be issued.

  8. Please include vendor's address.

  9. Please list vendor name, address, phone number, and state tax ID number. Each vendor must submit a copy of their sanitation license.

  10. Please list vendor name, address, phone number, and state sales tax ID number.  

  11. Please include the tent company's name and phone number as well as exact size of each tent.  You must complete the tent and canopy permit application For more information, call the Building Department at 708-687-4050, ext. 1040.

  12. Please provide trash company's name and phone number.  All areas must be left clean of debris.  

  13. Please indicate number you plan to rent and list vendor name and phone number.

  14. Water

    To request access to a fire hydrant, contact Public Works at 708-535-4090.  A hydrant meter requires a deposit of $830 payable at City Hall. 

  15. Please list requested street and/or parking lot closures.  Also, provide a site plan/route map that shows requested street and/or parking lot closures.  Emergency vehicles must have a clear line of entry and exit at all times.

  16. Traffic Control

    Check all that apply

  17. If residents will be affected by the event, describe how they will be notified (door hangers, letters, signage, etc.). Street parking, increased traffic through neighborhood, loud noise, etc. are ways residents could be impacted by your event.

  18. Please describe how you will promote the event.  Will signs or banners be used? If so, please refer to our Temporary Sign Permit Application.  

  19. Safety, Security and City Assistance:
  20. If using staff security or security firm, list number of personnel and where (inside, outside) they will be stationed.  Also, list the security firm's name and phone number. Please describe what, if any, assistance you need from city departments. 

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