Administration is responsible for the management, human resources, finance, and public relations activities of the City of Oak Forest. 
The Mayor's Office oversees the operations of all city departments and is responsible for the day-to-day management of governmental operations. The Mayor's Office implements the policies approved by the City Council and provides recommendations to the elected officials regarding city affairs. Public information and public relations efforts are coordinated by the Mayor's Office. 
The City Clerk/Collector is responsible for the city's personnel management, risk management, safety programs, record keeping, as well as the overall operation of the City Clerk's Office. 
The Finance Director is responsible for the preparation of the city's budget and coordination of the city's financial affairs, while also overseeing the city's information technology and computer network. 

Other department directors oversee police, fire, building, public works, community development, and emergency management activities carried out by the City of Oak Forest.